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.mobi is a top level domain dedicated to users who access the web via their mobile phones. .mobi has the backing of a prominent mobile and Internet players.

Here are ten reasons why you should get a .mobi name and make your site mobile:

  • There are four times as many phones sold as PC's. Thats 1.3 billion people who can access the Internet on their mobiles.
  • The mobile web is anew marketing channel that's predicted to generate $150 billion by 2011
  • 28% of mobile Americans would use their phone for purchases, but the companies with whom they do business make it difficult to do so.
  • ".mobi" means "mobile" like ".com" means commercial" on a "computer".
  • .mobi is a trustmark that tells your customers your site works on mobile phones and that your content is relevant to their mobile context.
  • There are more than 80,000,000 .com, .net and .org sites but only 0.03% are mobile friendly. With a .mobi name and free dotMobi guides, your site will work on any phone with any operator.
  • You can have first mover advantage in the mobile space with the domain name you want. dotMobi has registered 1 million names but great ones are still available if you secure your names now.
  • Unlike or, a .mobi address guarantees a site will work on mobiles because dotMobi's free guides ensure that mobile sites adhere to enforceable, but open, standards.
  • Mobile advertisers will spend more than $1.5 billion in 2007. Your mobile site can take advantage of that and turn a profit from advertising.
  • Microsoft predicts most people's first computing experiences will be on a mobile. If your brand is one that people see during that formative experience, you will leave a positive, long-term impression.

Find out more about people are using .mobi and how you too can get in on the action on the dotMobi resource site.

Mobile Ready Websites With DotMobi + Wordpress

Want to get a mobile ready website up and running quickly?

Want the option to serve a desktop version as well?

The developer team of dotMobi have come up with a plugin suite that does all that and more.

Read more about the Wordpress Mobile Pack

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