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Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server

With Hosted BES there's no need to buy, install and manage expensive server software.

The main benefit that comes from using a Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server is that you can wirelessly sync your data between machines. Without BES you generally have to hook your BlackBerry up and make use of the supplied BlackBerry Desktop Software to get everything working correctly. With a Hosted BES package from Blacknight the data is synced wirelessly.

With BES you can sync your calendar, notes, contacts and more and having it all on a central location means you can do this from anywhere.

Why use Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server?

  • Add secure BlackBerry® mobility to your email and business applications with per user pricing
  • Focus on running your business instead of managing technology
  • Work smarter by improving communication team members
  • Make time away from your desk more productive and get more out of your day
  • Get out of the office without being cut off from customers and colleagues
  • Seamless integration with existing hosted email and business applications

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