Protecting your business

The Blacknight network was designed with high availability, fault tolerance and security in mind. We pride ourselves on the fact that our network has achieved 100% production uptime, with provision for scheduled maintenance, since it went live.

At the core of the network we have four edge routers, connecting us to multiple Tier 1 ISPs and peering exchanges. If one or more providers experience congestion or downtime, traffic can be rerouted through other network providers until the issue is resolved.

Multiple providers, including Open Eir, BT Ireland, ESB Telecoms, enet, and Virgin Media, terminate their fibre-optic cables in each data centre. This allows us to provide direct connectivity to customers throughout Ireland.


Blacknight's network is based in Ireland's leading carrier neutral data centres, to ensure the utmost reliability and security for our clients' data and servers. High performance, sensitive electronic equipment requires precise, reliable control of room temperature, humidity, and airflow. Blacknight employs fully redundant individual close control air conditioning units based on a chiller and dry cooler system.

The equipment is configured to monitor many variables and send alerts when entering the predetermined criteria ranges (e.g., high or low temperatures, high or low humidity, smoke detection, and mechanical problems)


  • 22 degrees Celsius (plus or minus 2 degrees C)
  • Relative humidity 50% (plus or minus 10%)
  • Air filtration to class EU5


  • Monitored video surveillance cameras
  • Security breach alarms
  • 24-hour security personnel
  • Data centres comprise biometric security and/or proximity card access systems with mandatory pre-approved client lists and sign-in/sign-out procedures
  • Blacknight conforms to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Connectivity & Bandwidth

We provide a multi-homed, managed Internet access service that provides the ultimate in availability, performance, and scalability. We connect you directly to multiple backbone Internet Service Providers through private transit connections.

The data centre facilities we use are carrier neutral with diverse fibre ducting. This helps us to maximise availability of the Blacknight network.

The network has four layers of redundancy:

  • Layer 1 Multiple Tier-1 providers and Internet Exchanges
  • Layer 2 Diverse local loop providers connect Blacknight to each ISP
  • Layer 3 Fully Redundant BGP/OSPF/IS-IS enabled network
  • Layer 4 Use of Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to provide physically redundant Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet connections from separate access layer switches to our equipment cabinets

The Blacknight network uses multiple carriers at any one time to ensure that the network has no single point of failure.

Current carriers include:

  • TeliaSonera
  • Level (3)
  • Cogent
  • IX Reach

Current Peering includes:

  • AMS-IX
  • DE-CIX
  • France-IX
  • INEX LAN#1
  • INEX LAN#2
  • LINX

The network runs on a completely redundant Cisco and Juniper Powered Network utilising BGP at the network edge and at the core and distribution levels. Open Shortest Path First Protocol (OSPF) and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) are enabled, providing seamless connectivity in a fail-over situation.

Traffic on the network is constantly monitored for attacks. Netflow data from our edge routers is analysed and if an attack is identified, traffic to that customer is automatically migrated to scrubbers.

Each server is allocated a bandwidth usage cap, which is dedicated to the customer. The core network runs at 10Gb/s and edge customers at 1Gb/s. For example, 10TB is the equivalent of approximately 31Mb/s constant over a 30-day period. We bill using 95th percentile billing, which gives the customer the ability to burst above this for up to 36 hours per month. Traffic over the agreed monthly quota is billable in arrears each month.

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