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General Availability: 13th November 2014

Register .Quebec DomainsExamples & Uses of a .quebec

  • hotel.quebec
  • culture.quebec
  • store.quebec
  • tourism.quebec

Why opt for a .quebec?

Register .Quebec Domains

To distinguish and define Quebec in cyberspace

Register .Quebec Domains

As part of a global and confusing Internet, Quebec companies, institutions, products and services need to be easily found, just like individuals. For this to happen, it's imperative to break from the anonymity typical of ".com" and ".org" domains.

Some countries, regions and communities have already cut through this confusion. Catalonia did it with the ".cat" domain. Quebec can do it, too, with ".quebec".

Register .Quebec Domains

To meet market needs

Register .Quebec Domains

Referring in particular to regional markets affected by the new government program to introduce very high-speed Internet service. This is even more true to support the implementation of a true "digital plan" for Quebec. 

To secure a source of revenue

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