A Domain Reflecting Who You Are, Where You Are & What You Do

Examples & Uses of a .vlaanderen

  • myrestaurant.vlaanderen
  • mybusiness.vlaanderen
  • myhotel.vlaanderen
  • tourisminfo.vlaanderen

Why opt for a .vlaanderen?

  • .vlaanderen can strengthen your online presence. Thanks to this new extension, you can specifically choose an extension that turns your entire domain name into a perfect reflection of who you are or what you do. By choosing a specific extension, you add clear nuances. This way, you will get a domain name that is in line with you identity, brand, product, sector, customers or geographical location.
  • This new domain name is an extra SEO tool. New domain names can help you rank better in search engines. Search engines are keen to offer personal (and location-based) search results. When you use a local domain name like .vlaanderen, and when the content of your website is in line with this (contains regional information), you will rank higher in search results. However, it stands to reason that other search engine optimisation techniques remain important.
  • The new extension offer you more options. You could register a .vlaanderen domain name of your choice when the .be variant has already been taken.

Who can apply?

Anyone. There are no restrictions, either in terms of applicant (company, government department, organisation, private individual) or location or place of residence (both in Belgium and abroad).

What can be applied for?

Any domain name, on condition it is still available.

Why register now?

.vlaanderen is open to the public. This means that anyone (so not just Belgians and Belgian companies or organisations) can apply for domain names with this extension, provided they are available.

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