Designer / Developer Hosting

If you are a web designer or developer it makes sense to get a plesk cloud hosting package.

Our advanced hosting systems have been designed from the ground up to cater to your every need. Setup accounts for your clients with a couple of clicks - it has never been so easy!
Not only will you be able to choose from Linux or Windows, but you will also be able to avail of other advanced technologies

Not only do we offer you a variety of options under both Windows and linux, but we also offer all resellers preferential pricing on domain names and other services.

Business Cloud Hosting

From just 39.95 / Month

Ideal for small to medium sized reseller hosting, or advanced application hosting.

vCPUs vCPU 2

Hard Disk Space 35GB Diskspace

Memory RAM 2048MB

Bandwidth Bandwidth: 500GB/month

Blank spacing image Choice of OS (Linux / Windows)

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Professional Cloud Hosting

From just 69.95 / Month

Ideal for medium sized reseller hosting and high demand hosting such as Tomcat, Jboss or J2EE hosting for high demand hosted applications..

vCPUs vCPU 4

Hard Disk Space 55GB Disk Space

Memory RAM 4096MB

Bandwidth Bandwidth: 1000GB/month

Blank Image Choice of OS (Linux / Windows)

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Need more?

If you find that you've outgrown any of these packages you can easily upgrade to either the Business+ package or the Professional+ package.

Still not enough?

We've also got an enterprise level cloud hosting package available that should be more than enough to suit most business needs.

If you've got any questions or require something a bit more custom why not talk to our sales team on live chat. You can find the link on the right hand side or you can leave a message requesting more info out of office hours.

The technology behind it all

Blacknight's cloud offering runs on Dell Blade servers and ensures a green energy footprint. Each blade server comes fully loaded with 128GB of Low Voltage DIMMs, 4 x 8 Core AMD Processors.

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