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www. .tel

Why own

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Stay in control over how and where people reach you with a single point of contact that's yours forever.


Dramatically enhance your search engine discoverability with descriptive keywords about you or your company.


.tel uses new technology that loads much faster than websites on any device from anywhere in the world.


Protect your private data and choose who sees what information.

What does do?


Just tell your friends


Save money by connecting easily with friends on VOiP, IM, and video chat.


Post all your websites, blogs, social networks and favorite links.


Update your status and all your contact info from any device.


Keep your private data only visible to friends.


All your info is instantly clickable.
e.g. Clicking a phone number instantly starts a call.


How do I get a .tel domain?

www. .tel

Who can register a .tel domain?

There are no restrictions on registering a .tel domain name.

You can register a .tel domain name via any ICANN accredited registrar.

Can I protect my details?

Unlike .com domain names .tel domains make a difference between personal domain registrations and business domain registrations.

If you register a .tel as a private individual you can hide your contact details in public whois.

If you register your .tel domain for your business you cannot hide your contact details



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