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Transferring Your Domain Names

For other domains, please use our store.

The methods of transfer for .ie, .com and .uk domains do vary; please take a moment to look over the below instructions. We would recommend paying particular attention to the Domain Transfer Notes at the bottom of this page.

Firstly, it is important to be aware that the transfer of domains can take some time to fully complete. Blacknight cannot be held responsible for delays in transfers due to errors made by third parties.

  • .ie domains will typically transfer within two working days, so long as the appropriate documentation is provided.
  • .com domain transfers can take up to 7 days in some cases; please ensure that you have allowed for this when transferring a domain that is due for renewal. We urge you to initiate transfers as far in advance as possible; expired domains cannot be transferred.
  • domains will usually transfer within one day, however you should allow up to 7 days.
  • There are two types of .eu domain transfer. One is a simple transfer, while the other is a trade. Most .eu domain transfers complete within one or two working days

Please noteONLY.

This does not transfer your email accounts or website content, or automatically update the DNS.

For more information, please read our Guide to Moving Hosting Provider.

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Transferring .com/.ie/.net/.org/.info/.biz/.mobi/.tv domains

The following is the process for transferring a .com / .ie / .net / .org / .info  / .biz / .mobi / .tv.

In order to avoid any issues, please ensure that you initiate the transfer as far in advance as possible

If you are moving from an ISP such as Eircom, Esat or UTV, please ensure that any billing issues are resolved with the ISP before you request the transfer, as this can result in delays. The larger Irish ISPs and hosting companies will respect requests for domain transfers to other companies provided that no such issues exist.

In the case of domains registered through Joker, you will need to initiate the transfer process from within the Joker control panel.

If you are having issues getting the Authcode from your current registrar for your .ie transfer you can send a direct request to the IEDRs Registration Services Team by email (registrations@iedr.ieImportant note: Domains cannot be transferred between registrars until the domain is 60 days old.

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Authorisation key: 

Transferring / / domains

To transfer a / / domain, do the following:

  • Contact your current hosting company, requesting that they change the current Registrant's Agent Tag (IPS Tag) to ours: BLACKNIGHT-IE. Generally this will go through without any issue, however if it does not, due to inactivity or unwillingness on behalf of your current hosting provider, you can request that Nominet initiate the change for you.
  • Once the tag has been changed to us, you can update your nameservers via your Control Panel. You will receive a confirmation email once the domain is transferred/completed.

Note: If you have also purchased a hosting package and are transferring your existing website, please refer to our notes on domain migration

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Transferring .eu domains

Enter your .eu domain name below to initiate the transfer process.

Please note: If you are making significant changes to the domain holder contact details EURid will consider this to be a "trade".

EU domain transfers DO NOT add a year to the registration period. The registration period of one year is reset when the transfer completes.

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www.   .eu

Domain transfer notes

Please be aware that different hosting providers may have different directory structures, so your website code may require some modification to work after the transfer.

  • Most databases can be easily transferred from your old hosting provider to us, but we will have to change the database details, including the database name, the usernames & the passwords. As such, modifications will have to be made to your website's code.
  • The migration of website files and data from an existing hosting provider to Blacknight is the sole responsibility of the client. We can however supply our professional services for this purpose and our Sales Team will happily provide a quote for this.
  • We highly recommend an appropriate testing period after you have transferred a domain to us.
  • Be Aware that the transfer of domains can take some time to fully complete.
  • .ie domains typically transfer within 48 hours.
  • .com domains can take up to 7 days in some cases
  • can take a little as one day to transfer, but you should allow up to 7 days.
  • You cannot transfer com/net/org/info/biz domains until they are 60 days old.
  • Blacknight Solutions cannot be held responsible for delays in transfers due to errors made by third parties

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Transferring a domain between accounts

In order to transfer a domain between accounts please see the following article

Moving a domain between accounts

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