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Wear your Digital Red Ribbon this December!

Examples & Uses of a .hiv

  • donate.hiv
  • your-town.hiv
  • your-brand.hiv
  • your-charity.hiv

.HIV is the first and only social cause domain name supporting and funding the global fight against AIDS.

A .HIV domain name is the perfect way for your company or organisation to blend your online activities with your Corporate Social Responsibility. Be seen by your clients and customers to not only be doing good but also driving digital innovation and technology!

Your .HIV domain is more than just a web address. Every visit to a .HIV.HIV domain goes directly to HIV charities which we support.

Listen to the Technology.ie interview with Carolin Silbernagl, project coordinator of the dotHIV.

Why opt for a .hiv?

  • Fundraising: Generating financial resources to support projects improving the access to lifesaving medicaments.
  • Awareness:
  • Destigmatisation: Working against the discrimination of those living with HIV.

How does it work?

Where does the money go?

Every click counts.

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