Protect Your Brand Online

Protect Your Brand Online

Protection of intellectual property embodied in names and brands should be a high-ranking strategic issue for all companies in a competitive environment

Protect Your Brand Online Across Europe

Brands are increasingly key to commercial success. It sets a company and their product offerings apart, and allows them to command attention in the marketplace.

Failing to pay timely attention to IP issues can do irreparable damage to a company’s brand and cost large amounts of time and money:

For example

  • Ebay was forced to enter France under the domain name because a competitor had registered the company’s main brand under .fr (Ebay later paid $100 million to purchase the competitor)
  •,, were all taken by bad-faith individuals or competitors
  • Procedures are in place which allow legitimate trademark holders to extract domain names from illegitimate ones, but your company stands little chance against another good faith user


  • Ability to localize your marketing efforts with a top level domain (e.g. .DE, .FR) that people in national markets know and trust.
  • Owning your domains in all relevant markets enables creation of a uniform brand across markets
  • Once you have legitimately registered your domains, you need no longer worry about cybersquatters and bad-faith competitors.
  • It is much cheaper to register domains upfront than wait until legal proceedings need to be initiated (ask yourself how many lawyer hours this offer will cover?)

Why shouldn’t I wait?

  • The domain administrators (known as NICs) are relatively stable and the domains you purchase are therefore immediately useful for your branding purposes
  • Many countries have had restrictions on domain registration by non-nationals. However, these restrictions have recently been lifted in Belgium and Italy, and similar liberalisation efforts are currently underway in Sweden and the Netherlands. Having local daughter companies and trademarks puts you in a privileged position because you can register your names BEFORE restrictions are lifted.
  • Few companies have been able to offer our broad range of TLDs, and this offer makes you a fast mover in pan-European protection of your domain name.

Protect Your Domains with Registry Lock

The Blacknight Registry Lock Service allows domain holders to request registry-level protection for their domain names and / or hosts. Registry Lock sets specific status codes on domain names and / or hosts, to prevent malicious or inadvertent modifications, deletions and transfers. It’s like locking your doors and windows before going to bed at night. Your domain is one of the most valuable business assets you own – protect it from fraud with Registry Lock from Blacknight.

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Also Available - Secure Your Brand With DPML

The Domains Protected Marks List is a service on offer from Identity Digital, the registry behind 250+ generic top-level domain names (gTLDs). By signing up, you prevent your trademarked brand name from being registered across the entire portfolio of Identity Digital domain names. Blacknight can help you protect your domain across hundreds of domains.

More Information on DPML

  • Country Code Top Level Domains

    Extension 1 yr 2 yrs 3 yrs 5 yrs 10 yrs Buy
    .ai 169.00253.50422.50845.00
    .as 269.98404.97674.95 
    .co.nz28.99 238.00   
    .co.za4.99 25.98   
    .com.ge124.99249.98374.97624.951249.90 99.98   
    .eu3.99 7.9511.94 15.9019.89 23.8535.79 39.7575.10 79.50
    .gr 22.98   
    .id145.00290.00435.00725.001450.00 259.98   
    .ie5.99 27.9940.00 55.9860.00 83.9797.50 139.95190.00 279.90
    .me7.99 15.4930.9846.4777.45154.90
    .ne.kr109.99 25.98   
    .nu 70.98   
    .pk 118.98   
    .pt44.99 134.97224.95 

    * excludes VAT