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Registry Lock Services

Registry Lock Services

Server-level protection for your domain names and hosts

Registry Lock Services


The Blacknight Registry Lock Service allows domain holders to request server-level protection for their domain names and / or hosts. Registry Lock sets specific status codes on domain names and / or hosts, to prevent malicious or inadvertent modifications, deletions and transfers.

What TLDs are available with Blacknight Registry Lock?

.IE, .COM, .NET, .TV, .CC, .EU, .CO.UK, .UK

How do I request the Registry Lock Service?

The following steps need to be followed when requesting Registry Lock Services:

Blacknight Solutions will provide the account holder with a form to complete and return to us. The form will require the following details.

  • The named Blacknight account holder will nominate a minimum of 2 authorised personnel from their company.
  • The named individuals will then call a designated Blacknight contact person and provide a security phrase that will be specific to them.

To enable Request Registry Lock Services on a domain / host, one of the authorised contacts must email the request, accompanied by the relevant order form.

Thereafter the person who initiated the request must contact Blacknight and confirm their security phrase as well as the contents of the request. Blacknight will then place the domain(s) / host(s) under the Registry Lock Service and confirm this via email to the authorized person who initiated the request.

Note: Once a domain name or host is locked, any changes to that domain/host must be made through the same secure authentication process.

How do I start using the service?

The named Blacknight account holder must request the Registry Lock Service form by emailing