Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Hosting packages to suit every size & budget

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Why choose Blacknight for hosting?

Advanced Backup

Advanced Backup

Protect your website and online data with automated, secure backups, from as little as €1.99 per month!

Control Panel Access

Control Panel Access

Our control panel makes managing your site and installing applications like Wordpress a breeze!

Free DNS management

Free DNS management

Manage, edit and add DNS records for your domain free of charge.

What our Customers Say

Just wanted to thank you and your company for the fantastic support received yet again from your technical team. I can safely and categorically say that without them and their advice over the last 4 years, my business would not be where it is today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hosting?

    Hosting is the business of providing services online, usually a website, but also email and other services. Services are hosted on a ‘server’, a computer which is connected to the internet and serves requests from ‘clients’ (e.g. PCs, phones, tablets). Servers can be physical machines, or they can be virtual machines (cloud servers) and they are housed in a data centre.

    Some clients require high-availability dedicated servers, or to co-locate their own hardware in our data centre, but for most people, our shared web hosting or cloud servers are a perfect cost-effective solution for their needs.

  • What Type of Hosting Should I Choose?

    Web hosting (shared hosting) is enough for most individuals and SMEs, with plans starting at €4.95/month with support for multiple websites and email accounts.

    Choose cloud hosting if you require a high-end scalable solution with full control of your own virtual server.

    Specialised applications with high volumes may require a dedicated server, or colocation of your hardware in our data centre.

  • I don’t need a website – Can I have Email Hosting Only?

    Sure! Our Email Only plan lets you use up to three email addresses on your own domain for just a few cents per month.

  • Can I host with Blacknight if my domain is registered with another registrar?

    Yes you can.

    Blacknight is a full-service domain registrar and hosting company, and for optimum convenience we recommend you use us as a one-stop shop! However, it is not necessary to have your domain registration and hosting with the same company.

    If your domain is registered elsewhere you can configure DNS (Domain Name Service) to point to services hosted by us. Or vice-versa.