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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Fast, secure, affordable hosting for your websites.

Web Hosting

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  • Plan Features

    Description Minimus Medius Maximus
    Disk Space ? 10GB 20GB 30GB
    Bandwidth ? 200GB 400GB 600GB
    Websites ? 30 60 90
    FTP Users ? 30 60 90
    Application Vault ?
    Cron Management ?
    Protected Directories ?
    Moneyback Guarantee ? 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days

  • Email Features

    Description Minimus Medius Maximus
    Basic Email Hosting ?
    Mailboxes ? 50 100 150
    Mailing Lists ? 5 10 15
    Email Forwarders ? Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Email Autoresponders ? Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Webmail ?
    SMTP, POP3 & IMAP ?
    Spam Experts ?

  • Database Features

    Description Minimus Medius Maximus
    MySQL Databases ? 30 60 90
    PHP MyAdmin ?
    Database Disk Space Limit ? 2GB 2GB 2GB

  • Server Features

    Description Minimus Medius Maximus
    JavaScript ?
    PHP 5.6.x ?
    PHP 7.0.x ?
    PHP 7.2.x ?
    PHP 7.3.x ?
    PHP 7.4.x ?
    Server Side Includes (SSI) ?
    Perl ?
    Common Gateway Interface (CGI) ?
    Apache 2.x ?
    Mod Rewrite Linux ?
    IPv6 ?

  • Analytics & Web Statistics

    Description Minimus Medius Maximus
    Webalizer ?
    AWStats ?
    Log Manager ?
    Subscription Overview ?

  • Technical, Accounts & Sales Support

    Description Minimus Medius Maximus
    Knowledge Base ?
    Email ?
    Phone ?
    Live Chat ?

  • Setup Fee

    Description Minimus Medius Maximus
    1 Month ? €4.95 €8.95 €14.95
    1 Year ?
    3 Years ?

  • Pricing

    Description Minimus Medius Maximus
    1 Month ? €4.95 €8.95 €14.95
    1 Year ? €49.95 €89.95 €149.95
    3 Years ? €119.95 €209.95 €349.95

  • Vhost Limit

    The Vhost limit is the maximum number of active connections to your website at any one moment. A user’s web browser may make multiple connections to your website in order to load your webpage. The number of connections vary against different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera etc). A single webpage generally consists of a HTML file, CSS & JavaScript files, background images, logos, banners other images, audio and video files. All these files need to be loaded for your website to render in a users browser when they visit your website.

    If you expect your website to be busy a high Vhost limit is good. If for example you expect to be on the Dragon’s Den or are presenting at a conference or demoing your product to a group of people for your business then it’s a good idea to think ahead and go with a plan that can handle the increased website traffic and load. There’s nothing worse than people not being able to access your website at a crucial time. Plan ahead.

    Web hosting plans limits: Minimus: 50 | Medius: 100 | Maximus: 150

  • Additional Bandwidth & Disk Space

    Additional bandwidth is charged at €0.50 / GB on shared and cloud plans. Click here for details on purchasing additional disk space or bandwidth.

Web Hosting Features



Up to 150 individual email addresses, accessible across all your devices. All with free SpamExperts anti-spam protection!

Advanced Backup

Advanced Backup

Protect your website and online data with automated, secure backups, from as little as €1.99 per month!

Control Panel Access

Control Panel Access

Our control panel makes managing your site and installing applications like Wordpress a breeze!

I Can Pick Up the Phone - That Gives Me Peace of Mind

I’ve used Blacknight web hosting for more than 10 years for my clients’ websites. They're reliable and they're great value, but the real worth is in their customer service and support. I know there’s a great team down the road in Carlow. I can pick up the phone if I need to, and that gives me peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the factors to consider in web hosting?

    A shared web hosting account provides an allocation of the resources of a physical server depending on the customer’s needs. There are four factors to consider when choosing a shared web hosting package.

    Number of websites: This is the number of different websites that can be hosted on a single shared web hosting package and ranges from 30 sites on a Minimus account to 90 sites on a Maximus account.

    Disk Space: Websites, databases and emails are made up of computer files, like the files on your PC. Measured in gigabytes.

    Monthly Transfer: This is the the amount of data in gigabytes which can be transferred to and from your hosting account per month. It is sometimes called ‘bandwidth’. The more visitors your sites get, the more bandwidth is required.

    Number of Mailboxes: This is the number of email accounts supported by the account, ranging from 50 on a Minimus account to 150 on a Maximus account.

    Click here to compare web hosting options.

  • Should I choose Linux or Windows web hosting?

    We offer only Linux hosting on our entry-level web hosting plans. It’s ideal for PHP-based platforms such as WordPress which powers almost half the web.

    If your website requires ASP or support you will need to choose Windows. Windows is fully supported on our VPS cloud server plans as well as on dedicated servers.

  • Is there a backup/restore facility?

    Yes, you can protect your website and online data with automated, secure basckups from as little as €1.99 per month with siteBackup.