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Compare Web Hosting

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Compare Web Hosting

  • Plan Features

    Description Mega Giga Tera
    Websites i 1 5 15
    Disk Space i 30GB 100GB Unlimited
    Bandwidth i Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Subdomains i Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    CPUs i 1 2 3
    Memory (RAM) i 512MB 768MB 1GB
    FTP Users i 5 10 Unlimited
    Cron Management i
    Protected Directories i
    One Click Install i
    WordPress Toolkit i N/A N/A
    WP Accelerator i N/A N/A
    Secure Backups i from €1.99 p/m from €1.99 p/m from €1.99 p/m
    Moneyback Guarantee i 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days

  • Email Features

    Description Mega Giga Tera
    Basic Email Hosting i
    Mailboxes i 5 10 Unlimited
    Mailbox Size i 1GB* 1GB* 1GB*
    Email Aliases i
    Email Forwarders i
    Email Autoresponders i 1 1 1
    Catch-All i 1 1 1
    Webmail i
    SMTP, POP3, IMAP & Mobile i

    * Mailbox Size: 10GB – 50GB Upgrade options available

  • SSL Features

    Description Mega Giga Tera
    Free SSL (LetsEncrypt) i
    Premium SSL i €29.99 a year €29.99 a year €29.99 a year

  • Database Features

    Description Mega Giga Tera
    MySQL Databases i 1 5 Unlimited
    PHP MyAdmin i
    Disk Space Limit i 1GB 2GB 2GB

    * Your Blacknight Control Panel will show 2 databases, however only one is usable for your WordPress website. The 2nd database is a requirement of the WordPress Toolkit software Blacknight uses.

  • Server Features

    Description Mega Giga Tera
    PHP 7.4.x i
    PHP 8.0.x i
    Server Side Includes (SSI) i
    Perl i
    FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) i
    Apache i
    Mod_Rewrite i

  • Analytics & Web Statistics

    Description Mega Giga Tera
    Webalizer i
    AWStats i
    Log Manager i

  • Technical, Accounts & Sales Support

    Description Mega Giga Tera
    Knowledge Base i
    Email i
    Phone i
    Live Chat i

  • Pricing

    Description Mega Giga Tera
    1 Month i €3.99 €8.99 €16.99
    1 Year i €43.89 €98.89 €186.89
    2 Years i €79.80 €179.80 €339.80
    3 Years i €119.70 €269.70 €509.70