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Colo Facilities

Data Centres

Security, Availability and Connectivity in Irish Data Centres

We have two primary sites: Carlow and BT Citywest in Dublin.

Our Carlow data centre is a purpose-built facility with access to 2MW of power via an onsite ESB sub-station. ‘Free cooling’ technology is used to minimise power and cooling costs, and the centre operates at a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of between 1.1 and 1.2. The equipment is configured to monitor many variables and send alerts when entering the predetermined criteria ranges (e.g., high or low temperatures, high or low humidity, smoke detection, and mechanical problems).

Block B of BT’s Citywest campus is a purpose-built data centre facility located on the west side of Dublin. It is situated close to all major motorways and less than 30 minutes from Dublin Airport. Total Provisioned UPS Power is 2MW. The facility uses a chilled water cooling system and it is fully monitored and staffed by Blacknight personnel.


Blacknight is certified to ISO 27001:2013 for information security management systems. All Blacknight Data centres use a biometric security and/or Proximity card access system, with mandatory pre-approved client lists and mandatory sign-in/sign-out procedures. Video surveillance cameras are mounted inside and outside of each cage and are monitored by the security control room 24/7.

Connectivity & Bandwidth

We provide a multi-homed, managed Internet access service that provides the ultimate in availability, performance, and scalability. We connect you directly to multiple backbone Internet Service Providers through private transit connections.

The Blacknight Network provides extremely high levels of availability because we employ redundancy at every layer. We only use carrier-neutral facilities, to ensure individual providers are never relied upon.

Blacknight leases and operates a dark fibre network in Dublin, which allows us to add capacity to our core network as required. Each data centre has at least two diverse entry points for external connectivity.

The Blacknight network mesh uses two or more local carriers at any one time to ensure that the network has no single point of failure. We also maintain connectivity out of Ireland on at least four submarine cables. These measures ensure that our data centres are the best connected in any part of this country and/or the World.

Our Data Centres

  • Blacknight Data Centre – Carlow, Ireland
  • BT Citywest – Dublin, Ireland
  • Equinix DB1 (Telecity) Citywest – Dublin, Ireland
  • Equinix DB2 (Telecity) Kilcarbery Park – Dublin, Ireland
  • Interxion DUB1 – Dublin, Ireland
  • Interxion DUB2 – Dublin, Ireland
  • CIX – Cork, Ireland

Each site features fully redundant power, cooling and network connectivity.

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