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Medius Maximus
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Key Features
Disk space 20GB 30GB
Monthly transfer 400GB 600GB
Websites 60 90
Databases ** 60 90
MS SQL 2008
Database Disk Space Limit 2GB 2GB
Email Features
Mail Hosting
Mailboxes *** 100 150
Auto Responders Unlimited Unlimited
Forwarders Unlimited Unlimited
Mailing Lists 10 15
Web Features
Application Vault
The following and more are all available via the Application Vault:
- Blogging Software:
- CMS Software:
  Joomla / Drupal
- Ecommerce:
  Zen Cart / Magento
- Forums:
  phpBB / SMF Forum
PHP 5.3.x Linux Windows
PHP 5.4.x Linux
PHP 5.5.x Linux
PHP 5.6.x Linux
.NET (2.0 / 3.5 / 4) Windows
Mod Rewrite Linux
IPv6 Linux
Analytics / Webstats
Monthly Fee: €8.95 €14.95
Annual Fee: €89.95 €149.95
Setup Fee: * 0 0
Medius Maximus
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* No Setup Fee with any of our Shared Hosting annual plans.

** Number of databases per type of database e.g. Medius Shared Hosting allows 60 MySQL 4 databases, 60 MySQL 5 databases, 60 MS SQL 2005 databases and 60 Postgres 7 databases.

*** Number of mailboxes allowed is based on our Shared Linux NG plans.

The Vhost limit is the maximum number of active connections to your website at any one moment. A user's web browser may make multiple connections to your site in order to load your webpage. The number of connections vary against different browsers ( IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and so on). A webpage generally consists of a html file, CSS files, javascript files, background images, logos, banners other images, audio and video files. All need to be loaded for your website to render in a users browser when they visit your website.

If you expect your website to be busy a high Vhost limit is good.

For example if you expect to be on the Dragon's Den or are presenting at a conference or demoing your product to a group of people for your business then it's a good idea to think ahead and go with a plan that can handle the increased website traffic and load. There's nothing worse than people not being able to access your website at a crucial time. Plan ahead.

The limits on the linux shared hosting plans are as follows:
Minimus: 50
Medius: 100
Maximus: 150


Additional bandwidth and disk space.

Additional bandwidth is charged at 0.50 cent / GB on shared and cloud plans.

For more details on purchasing additional disk space or bandwidth please see the following article:

How to purchase more diskspace or bandwidth for your hosting plan


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