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Medius Maximus
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Key Features
Disk space 20GB 30GB
Monthly transfer 400GB 600GB
Websites 60 90
Databases ** 60 90
MS SQL 2008
Database Disk Space Limit 2GB 2GB
Email Features
Mail Hosting
Mailboxes *** 100 150
Auto Responders Unlimited Unlimited
Forwarders Unlimited Unlimited
Mailing Lists 10 15
Spam Experts ****
Web Features
Application Vault
The following and more are all available via the Application Vault:
- Blogging Software:
- CMS Software:
  Joomla / Drupal
- Ecommerce:
  Zen Cart
- Forums:
  phpBB / SMF Forum
PHP 5.3.x Linux Windows
PHP 5.4.x Linux
PHP 5.5.x Linux
PHP 5.6.x Linux
PHP 7.0.x Linux
.NET (2.0 / 3.5 / 4.5) Windows
Mod Rewrite Linux
IPv6 Linux
Analytics / Webstats
Monthly Fee: €8.95 €14.95
Annual Fee: €89.95 €149.95
Setup Fee: * 0 0
Medius Maximus
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* No Setup Fee with any of our Shared Hosting annual plans.

** Number of databases per type of database e.g. Medius Shared Hosting allows 60 MySQL 4 databases, 60 MySQL 5 databases, 60 MS SQL 2005 databases and 60 Postgres 7 databases.

*** Number of mailboxes allowed is based on our Shared Linux NG plans.

**** This is the free base system of Spam Experts which applies default filtering rules, which are set and controlled by Blacknight. While this works very well on its own, and is very effective at removing incoming spam, it may be the case where you need to control the filtering rules yourself via Whitelists and Blacklists - for this you would require the paid version.

The Vhost limit is the maximum number of active connections to your website at any one moment. A user's web browser may make multiple connections to your site in order to load your webpage. The number of connections vary against different browsers ( IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and so on). A webpage generally consists of a html file, CSS files, javascript files, background images, logos, banners other images, audio and video files. All need to be loaded for your website to render in a users browser when they visit your website.

If you expect your website to be busy a high Vhost limit is good.

For example if you expect to be on the Dragon's Den or are presenting at a conference or demoing your product to a group of people for your business then it's a good idea to think ahead and go with a plan that can handle the increased website traffic and load. There's nothing worse than people not being able to access your website at a crucial time. Plan ahead.

The limits on the linux shared hosting plans are as follows:
Minimus: 50
Medius: 100
Maximus: 150

Additional bandwidth and disk space.

Additional bandwidth is charged at 0.50 / GB on shared and cloud plans.

For more details on purchasing additional disk space or bandwidth please see the following article:

How to purchase more diskspace or bandwidth for your hosting plan

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