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We're now offering the .co extension for registration via the blacknight website.

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What is it?

It's the country-code TLD for Colombia, but it is being marketed as the next international domain extension to combat the heavily saturated .com marketplace.

The great thing about it is there are still loads of great domains available (unlike the .com market which has around 90 million domains currently registered).

Google is going to treat it as an international domain extension (this is good for SEO as you're not just able to target a specific country but the whole world)

The first week has seen over 300,000 .co domains being registered and its still going strong with large numbers of sales in North America and Europe.

If you're a company, corporation, community or even a contest does a .co make sense to you?

As one of the newest domain extentions you still have a lot of choice for now so don't delay have you thought about protecting your brand?

Get yours before they are gone!

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