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Internationalised Domain Names

Internationalised Domain Names or ‘IDNs’ are domain names represented by characters other than the traditional characters (A to Z). Such domain names could contain fadas and letters or characters from Danish, Norwegian, Chinese, Arabic and other Latin and non-Latin scripts. IDNs enable users to use domain names in their local languages. Examples of IDNs are é (Irish), bü (German) and δοκιμή.gr (Greek).

Punycode is a special type of encoding used to convert Unicode to ASCII characters (A to Z). Punycode is used to encode internationalised domain names (IDNs).

For example, if your domain name has a fada, your browser needs to translate the domain name to a language it can understand. So, it’ll take lí (Text/Unicode) to become (ASCII/Punycode).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register an Internationalised Domain Name?

    You type the domain name here to search for the domain you’d like to register. Eg: sé

  • How do IDNs work?

    To view an IDN website, your browser will convert the Unicode to a series of numbers and letters (Punycode) that it understands.

  • How do I use the IDN converter?

    Type in your text/Unicode or ASCII/Punycode and click ‘Convert’. We’ll present you with both versions.

  • What is Text/Unicode?

    Text includes the alphabet, and Unicode includes special characters like Chinese, Arabic, emoticons/emojis, etc. These are used throughout everyday online content like websites and blogs.

  • What is ASCII/Punycode?

    ASCII stands for ‘American Standard Code for Information Interchange’. It takes letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other characters and assigns numeric values to them. It’s a standard data-encoding format for electronic communication between computers.

    Punycode is the conversion of text to a language that browsers understand. For example, the Punycode version of é is

  • Can I use an Internationalised Domain Name for my website?

    Yes. If your domain has a fada in it, you can still register it. However, we also recommend registering the non-IDN domain name too. For example, rté.ie redirects to (without the fada). If you register the IDN version with the fada, you are not automatically the registrant of the non-IDN version, so you must register both.

  • Can I use an Internationalised Domain for email?

    Yes. If you register a domain like é, you can attach it to an email address like info@é Again, it’s best to register the non-IDN version, so your domain will be and email address is

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