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What is it?
Ireland's official domain is the .ie (dot-i-e)

Why should I register one?

  • It identifies you as being Irish, or having a presence in Ireland. This can help you maximise your market presence in Ireland
  • Unlike other international domains there are a number of strict rules which apply to the naming process. In layman's terms this means that you may have a greater choice, as long as you can justify it

How much does it cost?

  • We are currently one of the cheapest providers of IE domains!
  • Keep an eye out for special offers on IE domains.

Can I transfer my existing IE domain to you?

  • Yes you can, we currently offer IE domains transfers at reduced rates. To transfer your domain please visit our domain transfer page

Why should I register my IE domain with Blacknight?

  • Blacknight is the largest seller of IE domains. Our staff has plenty of experience in managing the application process
  • Our staff have intimate knowledge of the IEDR's policies
  • All domain registrations include FREE dns management
  • All domain registrations include FREE domain forwarding


Do I need to host my website with you to use your domain registration services?

  • No. We are more than happy to offer domain registration services only.

Who can apply?

  • If you operate a business or service in Ireland you should be able to apply for your own .ie
  • The IE registry's rules are somewhat stricter than those for .com's etc., but normally proof of entitlement will suffice.
  • If you aren't 100% sure which category you fall into we will be more than happy to demystify the process for you.

Do I need a registered business name?

  • If you intend trading using your IE domain you will need either a registered business name or to be a limited company (LTD)
  • You can apply for an RBN here: Company Registration Office

How can I order?

Are there any discounts for registered charities?

I run a web development company. Do you offer reseller pricing?

  • If you have a reseller hosting package with us you qualify for reduced pricing on IE domain registrations and transfers.

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