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Website Cookie Policy

This page outlines the cookies used by this website, their purpose, and how to manage them.

About Cookies

Cookies are small data files which are sent to a user’s computer or mobile phone from a website and are stored on the hard drive of the user’s device. They are useful because they enhance the user experience whilst browsing the website. Some cookies are required in order for certain aspects of the site to work correctly (such as remembering your cart selections, saving your session state and so on) while others are third-party cookies for analytics purposes such as Google Facebook, Adroll etc. Blacknight also integrate some functions to the site such as our Live-chat portal, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn.

A cookie is a small amount of data (which often includes a unique identifier) that is sent to a user’s computer or mobile phone from the website and is stored on the hard drive of a device. Each website can send its own cookie to your browser if your browser’s preferences allow it. Many websites do this whenever a user visits their website in order to report on website traffic. Your browser only permits a website to access the cookies it has already sent to you, not the cookies sent to you by other websites.

Blacknight Cookie Policy

  • Why Does Blacknight Use Cookies?

    Blacknight uses cookies for the following purposes:

    • To enhance the user experience, by preserving user states, for example, a user’s login status or shopping cart status.
    • To integrate third party functions to the site such as our Live-chat portal, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn.
    • To help Blacknight collect anonymised analytics of site usage, so that we can optimise the customer experience
    • To help ensure the relevance of Blacknight’s online advertising. We use third party cookies from our advertising partners (AdRoll, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and DigiTrust). These record whether a web browser has previously visited our site, and help our partners to target advertising towards people who are interested in the kind of services we provide. Please note that these cookies simply match ads to browsers which have visited our site, and they do not involve personally identifiable information (PII).
  • How to Manage Cookies

    Internet browsers allow users to manage their cookies. They can set their devices to accept all cookies, to let them know when a cookie has been set, or never to receive cookies.

    Each browser works in a different way, for example Mozilla Firefox instructions are here.

    Some cookies are not set by the Blacknight website but by other sites which provide a service or functionality on the website. These are known as third-party cookies. In some cases, managing, deleting or blocking these cookies requires you to visit the websites of these third parties. Blacknight Cookies are set to expire within 30 days be default.

  • Blacknight Internal Cookies used on

    Cookie Name: csrftoken

    • Purpose: Helps prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks

    Cookie Name: GLOBALID, tuuid, tuuid_last_update,, ul_cb/syncum2, buid_#, cookie_id, SESS# , GLOBALID, tuuid, tuuid_last_update, UID{32}, ul_cb/syncum2

    • Purpose: Ajax domain / cart , Used to enhance the functionality of the site , and preserve user states , session states
  • Third Party Integration Cookies used on

    Cookie Name: __cfduid ; __zlcmid


    Purpose: Live Chat portal integration

  • Statistics/Analytics Cookies used on

    Cookie Name: _ga, _gat, _gid, ads/ga-audiences, usersync

    • Provider: Google Analytics, Google Adwords
    • Purpose: Usage Tracking – Google Analytics /Advertising
  • Marketing /Advertising Cookies used on

    Cookie Name: #.gif, __adroll , __ar_v4, _te_, adrl , APID, c, ck1, CMDD, CMID, CMPRO, CMPS, CMRUM3, CMSC, CMST, I, IDE, IDSYNC, khaos, KRTBCOOKIE_#, PUBMDCID, PugT, put_#, rlas3, rpb, rpx, rtn1-z, rum, stx_user_id, sync/v1, t_gid, taboola_usg, tap.php, test_cookie, tluid, tuuid, tuuid_lu, uuid2, w/1.0/sd, xuid

    • Provider: AdRoll
    • Purpose: AdRoll are an Irish based retargeting network that allows Blacknight to show ads to visitors who’ve landed on our site while browsing the web. We use AdRoll to enhance our branding. You can opt of AdRoll by clicking here.

    Cookie Name: fr, tr i/adsct

    • Provider: Facebook
    • Purpose: Facebook Advertising

    Cookie Name: guest_id, personalization_id

    • Provider: Twitter
    • Purpose: Twitter universal website tag code

    Cookie Name: DigiTrust.v1.Identity (SEO)

    • Provider: Blacknight
    • Purpose: Used with jQuery UI hosted on; is used to encode the anonymous DigiTrust identifier and associated data. DigiTrust enables standardised user tagging for marketing purposes and provide an opt-out pop up when the cookie is recognised.