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The number of domain extensions is growing. While .com is still the most popular domain extension things are changing. If you're an individual you might like If you're doing business in Ireland you might like to have the .ie which is the country code Top Level Domain ccTLD. In the UK you might want the Over the next few years potentially 1409 new domain extensions are going to come into use. It's a rough number some applications for new extensions have been rejected more will follow. What we do know is that a large number of new extensions are going to be coming. Have you got a .club? Looking to put your .recipes online? Got a cafe and want a .coffee?

We're currently offering .Wiki, .ink as well as .xyz domains.

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.africa .berlin .bid .bike .black .blog .blue .book .brussels .build .buy .buzz .camera .capetown .career .careers .clothing .club .coffee .construction .contractors .cymru .diamonds .directory .domains .durban .email .enterprises .equipment .estate .foo .futbol .gal .gallery .gift .graphics .guide .guru .hiv .holdings .host .inc .irish .jetzt .joburg .kim .kitchen .kiwi .land .lighting .llc .london .luxury .menu .music .nyc .onl .online .organic .photography .photos .pink .plumbing .press .quebec .recipes .red .reviews .ruhr .scot .sexy .shiksha .shoes .shop .singles .site .tattoo .technology .tips .today .trade .uno .ventures .viajes .vlaanderen .voyage .wales .web .webcam .website .wien

Please note these are domain extensions coming online over the following year. For a complete list of all new domain extensions please visit

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