Blacknight Solutions is proud to support the Parallels Plesk Panel system. It's perfect If you aren't comfortable managing your VPS from a command line. Parallels Plesk Panel is a great way to manage your server from an easy to use graphical interface. For most server based operations, it's just a simple click.

Parallels Plesk Panel is the leading multi-platform control panel designed to provide a simple, convenient way to manage your web services. Using Parallels Plesk Panel is available for both Windows Server 2003 and most Linux distributions.


Key Features


User-Friendly Interface


Migration Manager

Modular in architecture and employing different plug-ins the Migration Manager allows users to quickly migrate accounts from cPanel, Ensim, Cobalt, old Plesk versions, In-house systems, or any other system to their new Plesk server.

Application Vault

Parallels Plesk Panel includes a new customizable repository of site applications with the ability to add, deploy, configure and remove applications for any domain on the system (CMS, forums, counters, chat software) with one click. With one simple click you can install Wordpress, Drupal, forum software and much more. It's never been easier to create a full featured website using Blacknight VPS hosting. It's perfect for setting up an Ireland based blog.


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