Blacknight Application Vault

The Blacknight Application Vault feature provides a user friendly auto installer service for various applications. These applications range from blogs to e-commerce applications.


Please note: Some applications are not available on all shared hosting plans as some applications may be dependent on Windows / Linux technologies.


The list of currently available scripts is below:

Blog Software

- WordPress

- BlogEngine.NET


- Aerial Chat

- Simple Chat

- PHP OpenChat

Content Management

- Joomla

- Drupal

- Typo3

Customer Relationship Management

- SugarCRM

Customer Surveys

- phpSurveyor

- PowerPhlogger

E-Commerce / Billing

- Magento

- LinkPoint Payment Processing

- phpCoin

- ZenCart


- SquirrelMail


- SMF Forum

- phpBB


- Gallery


- Support Services Manager

Other Tools

- net2FTP

- mediawiki

Project Management

- ToDoList

- dotProject

Web Design

- Perlfect Search

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