www. .bar

The Revenue Opportunities are Limitless

Examples & Uses of a .bar

  • sports.bar
  • hotel.bar
  • cocktail.bar
  • tapas.bar

Bars are a huge entity in the services sector and the .BAR domain name offers businesses the opportunity to develop and promote their brand online.

The specialised .BAR domain name clearly defines a new space on the web for all kinds of bars including: pubs, sports bars, wine bars, tapas bars, cigar bars, piano bars, cocktail bars, juice bars, smoothie bars, jazz bars, pool bars, beach bars, energy bars, oxygen bars, beauty bars, nail bars to name but a few.

Why opt for a .bar?

  • Easy to: type, spell, remember, pronounce & recognise
  • Market size of 20 million restaurants & bars worldwide
  • Recognised by billions of people across the world

Facts & Figures

  • 19.5 million restaurants & bars worldwide
  • 6 out of 10 people regularly use the internet to research bars and restaurants
  • Over 70% of existing restaurants plan to use the internet to attract more customers, meaning even more domain names will be needed

Search Statistics

  • More than 12 million searches are performed monthly for the terms "bar" and "rest"
  • More than 190,000 active domain names exist containing the word "bar"

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