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Get Your Own .BIZ Domain Today

Get Your Own .BIZ Domain Today

Nothing quite says Business like .BIZ

Register .biz domain names with Blacknight for only €


.BIZ Domains from Blacknight

.BIZ means success for millions of businesses around the world. Whether you’re just starting up or launching a brand new online presence, .biz is the perfect choice for your domain. We understand you’re working hard to build your business and you want your story to be heard. With .biz, you and your brand will be seen and head around the world. It’s easy to accelerate your business online with .biz.

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The .BIZ domain extension was created for business users. In many countries “biz” is shorthand for “business”, so when you see a website address ending in .BIZ you naturally think about “business”.

Why choose a .biz?

Apart from the obvious business concept you’ll also find that there are more domain names available to register in .BIZ.

With over 2 million names registered, the .BIZ domain is quite big, but it’s still a lot smaller than .COM, so there are still plenty of good domain names available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I Choose a .BIZ domain name?

    As well as being suggestive of ‘business’, .BIZ domain names offer more availability than other registries. There areĀ over 2 million names registered in the .BIZ TLD (Top Level Domain), however that is still a lot less than .COM, so there are still plenty of good domain names available in .BIZ.

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