For businesses. For publishers. For people.

For businesses. For publishers. For people.

Make things happen with a snappy domain name.

Online or offline, no other action this small is as capable of reaping such significant results. "Click" was the action that brought you to this web page. For the typical Internet user, clicking is amongst the most common activities performed online. It's instant. It's infallible. Amazing how much can happen with just one click.

The term "click" has entered the worldwide vocabulary as the way to reach a website. It is among the primary means of Internet navigation and is the lifeblood of online usability and experience. As the line between websites and software continues to blur, people will seek faster and simpler ways to take care of their everyday tasks online.

.click will become a beacon on the Web for people seeking out new information and services. Broad enough to accommodate the entire spectrum of business types and topics, this generic space will allow registrants to shorten their existing website name with a concise and memorable marketing identity that allows them to compete.

Appending your website address with ".click" will tell your site visitors that you are all about action and delivering results. They will appreciate the simplicity of your brand and have an easier time remembering where they can find you on their next visit.

As an increasingly tech-savvy population continues to discover new ways to connect and innovate online, strong generic top-level domains will become a critical marketing tool for businesses trying to stand out.

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