Get Your Own .CO Domain Today

Get Your Own .CO Domain Today

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COmpany - COmmunity - COnnection - COmmunication

.CO is the domain name for startups, innovators, inventors and disruptors. Got a big idea? .CO is more than a domain name. The .CO Membership programme opens the door to international networking and business opportunities. Originally the country-code domain for Colombia, .CO is treated as an international domain for SEO purposes.


.CO is a Creative Alternative

.CO is a shortened version of .COM – that’s one way to look at it. It’s leaner, quicker, simpler – and offers another chance to find the name you want. Startups, and online businesses in particular, are known by their domain names – and the .CO extension identifies a business as part of a specific online community.

That’s because the .CO domain registry has specifically chosen to associate with entrepreneur culture: with innovators, inventors and startups.

With .CO, you get more than just a web address. Every .CO domain name comes with free access to the .CO Membership Program. Members enjoy access to industry events and networking functions, and get access to special deals, as well as having the opportunity to promote themselves to the .CO community.

Launch your Big Idea with .CO


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the .CO Membership Programme?

    .CO is more than a domain: it’s a community of innovators.

    Every .CO comes with free access to the .CO Membership Program. Members are promoted in the .CO directory. They enjoy complimentary access to hot industry events and exclusive invites to networking functions. And they can take advantage of special deals and offers available only to .CO members.

  • How is .CO Treated as an International Domain for SEO Purposes?

    The history of .CO goes back before the latest wave of new generic Top Level Domains (TLDs), when it was originally the country code domain for Colombia. But due to popular demand, Google now treats it as a generic international domain for SEO purposes, and allows you to target it geographically in Webmaster Tools. CO stands for “company” around the world and is quick and easy to type and remember.

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