The path to healthy eating

The path to healthy eating

For professionals. For service providers. For healthier homes.
Let your online address speak to their desire for increased vitality.

In the unending effort to strike work and life balance, we are always looking for easier ways to build healthy habits into our lives. Specialty diets, superfoods, and holistic approaches are rapidly becoming commonplace in the pursuit for optimal health and wellness. The Internet is the natural go-to source for staying on top of all of this valuable information and finding programs and products to help us implement it into our lives.

Internet users seeking online resources to help with their diet from tried-and-true programs to emerging new products will find the full spectrum of information and support available on the .diet domain. It will become the primary space on the web dedicated to optimising your wellbeing through food and nutrition.

Program, product, and service providers appending their web address with ".diet" will be identifying themselves as knowledgeable industry members that can help Internet visitors reach their health goals. This will be a perfect fit for nutritionists, dieticians, medical professionals, and other health services providers focused on weight loss and healthy eating.

Appealing to a broad range of individuals with varying health needs, this growing industry will have a space to call its very own and connect with the people they can help most.

Why does the world need .diet?

The .com space is exhausted of meaningful names. Perform a quick attempt to find a domain for a new venture, and you will immediately see how Internet naming, as it stands today, is limiting the creation of new brands. We are forced to a) restrict our brand name based on the remaining available .com names, b) seek out a name in the unpredictable secondary market, or c) settle for a mediocre domain name that threatens our visibility and credibility on the Internet.

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