Love to Fish? Fish to Work? Catch a .Fishing Domain Today

Love to fish? Fish to work? Catch a .fishing domain today.

Fishing employs more than a half-billion people on earth.

Reach them with a .fishing domain name.

According to United Nations statistics, the world has over 38 million people who fish for food production or recreation. Fishing industry provides employment to more than a half billion people worldwide.

As the internet has become the bridge connecting ordinary people, businesses, governments and organisations, it is only natural that one of humankind’s most ancient and important activities - fishing - now has its own domain name ending.

.Fishing is the domain name ending for people who live to fish, people who love to fish, and the enterprises and organisations that support them. No other domain name so perfectly catches the importance of fishing to those who live by the reel, the net or the spear.

Fishing techniques and technologies directly result in a more sustainable and effective catch. Humankind’s collective knowledge of fishing habitats, migrations, and methods are best shared online.
A website ending in .fishing is the perfect choice for the activity that has, for 40,000 years, helped to sustain and delight us all.

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