Share nature’s gift of beauty

Share nature’s gift of beauty

For florists. For gardeners. For gift givers. It is time for
your online address to be as unique as your prized offerings.

Bursting with color. Find the perfect .flowers name and make your mark.

Giving a thoughtful token of your feelings can go a long way in solidifying your relationships with good friends and loved ones. Flowers have proven to be one of the most significant social gestures. There is a perfect flower for every occasion, even in the professional areas of your life. They can represent an expression of gratitude, love, congratulations, condolences, and much more.

Making someone's day brighter is easier with the Internet than it has ever been before. High quality, custom flower arrangements are available from anywhere, to any place, at virtually any time. Online florists have become one of the most popular and efficient means of sending thoughtful regards available.

.Flowers will aggregate the entire spectrum of floral services, information, and communities into its own online space. With a corner of the Internet to call its very own, this niche market will continue to bloom and prosper as the leading choice for meaningful, yet convenient, expression of well wishes.

Appending your web address with ".flowers" will clearly orient your customers on what you have to offer. Florists, gardeners, and the people who buy, receive, and adore flowers, will find this top-level domain satisfies all of their online needs. And they may even stop to smell the roses while they're at it.

One day, Internet users will instinctively turn to the .flowers domain to find the perfect token of their warm thoughts, whatever the special occasion. Continued improvement in the online experience will result in richer, more engaging experiences with the florists, retailers, and resources that serve them.

Why does the world need the .flowers TLD?

The .com space is exhausted of meaningful names. Perform a quick attempt to find a domain for a new venture, and you will immediately see how Internet naming, as it stands today, is limiting the creation of new brands. We are forced to a) restrict our brand name based on the remaining available .com names, b) seek out a name in the unpredictable secondary market, or c) settle for a mediocre domain name that threatens our visibility and credibility on the Internet.

As an increasingly tech-savvy population continues to find new ways to connect and do business online, good names will only get more and more difficult come by. New, specialised gTLDs, like .flowers, are the answer. They will introduce a whole new realm of highly relevant and intuitive naming alternatives for registrants to tap into.

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