www. .gal

Examples & Uses of a .gal

  • language.gal
  • history.gal
  • social.gal
  • community.gal

In the current Information Society, those who are not on the Internet hardly exist. The four million odd worldwide Galician community, sharing a common language and culture, needs its very own brand logo to identify all the web content we create, and thus become more visible within the global communication space.

.GAL is the domain that should belong to the Galician community as a community with strong linguistic, cultural, historical and social links, a suffix to identify web pages written in Galician and given our geographic dispersion, would not be restricted to any particular territory. The proposal, technically executable and socially, linguistically and culturally profitable, falls within the top level sponsored domains, and this is what the PuntoGal Association and the entities and individuals comprising this are defending.

Ejemplos y usos de .gal

  • Comunidad.gal
  • Cultura.gal
  • Historia.gal
  • Idioma.gal

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