Your sport. Your passion.

Your sport. Your passion.
Your website name. Make it .horse

What is .horse?

.horse is a new top-level domain dedicated to the horse community. From breeders and riders to small and large riding brands, .horse offers the community an alternative to the currently over-populated .com domain while bringing together the worldwide horse community.

What's the benefit of a .horse domain?

Clever marketers routinely use multiple domain names to drive traffic and to guide visitors to particular areas of a site. Using .horse domains alongside an existing .com is a strategy that allows you to have many doors to your site. In .com it's difficult to find a good, new domain name that fits your theme and lets your audience find you in the crowd. As a horse breeder, you may want to register to reflect your trade and passion and to drive traffic from the right audience to your site.

Web names that end in .horse allow breeders, riders, and stables to skip the word "horse" in their domain name because it already acts as a descriptor. This results in shorter, more memorable and descriptive domain names, allowing your audience to immediately identify you. This gives you a new, authentic Internet platform to reach your target audiences as well as gain new International fans and clients.

We are now offering you the opportunity to get in first and secure not just your own brand name, but other great premium .horse domains that are available for the first time at low introductory prices. Engage your horse-loving audience in new, imaginative ways with a .horse domain.

How may I use a .horse domain?

Here are some examples of how to get the most from your new domain:

.horse: Branding-With a .horse domain, current and new equestrian brands can enjoy better social branding with a more descriptive name.

.horse: Professionals - Professional riders and breeders can now use a .horse web address to feature their online portfolio.

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