.HOSTING Domains - Backbone of the Internet

.HOSTING Domains - Backbone of the Internet

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In many cases, the fate of a business is heavily in the hands of its hosting provider. When downtime is not an option, website owners start to appreciate all that these unsung heroes do to keep things running smoothly behind-the-scenes. While invisible to most end users, hosting companies support the vast majority of sites on the Internet.

Web hosting companies have driven the growth of the Internet. The widespread trend toward “cloud computing” has increased the demand for full-service hosting solutions – allowing executives to take a hands-off approach to the technology and focus purely on directing their core business.

.HOSTING is the universal space on the Internet to purchase, evaluate, and connect with the backbone of your web presence: hosting. Companies that provide hosting, IT support, and IT publications will all find this top-level domain one of the most relevant labels for them online.

When website owners see .HOSTING behind your name, they will know that you are there to support their next online venture. A specialised top-level domain like this immediately conveys the purpose for which the user is seeking to access a site, removing the guesswork for them.

For people and companies in the hosting industry, .HOSTING provides a reliable, identifiable online location that all Internet users will recognise as they seek information regarding the technical side of their marketing services.


Why does the world need .HOSTING?

As an increasingly tech-savvy population continues to find new ways to connect and do business online, good names will only get more and more difficult come by. New, specialised gTLDs, like .HOSTING, are the answer. They will introduce a whole new realm of highly relevant and intuitive naming alternatives for registrants to tap into.

Examples of .HOSTING Websites

  • blacknight.hosting
  • secure.hosting
  • cloud.hosting
  • isocompliant.hosting
  • ceo.hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I transfer my domain name to Blacknight?

    Yes! The methods of transfer vary for different types of domains. Initiate your domain transfer here or view our Domain Transfer Guide for more information on the domain transfer process.

    Contact our sales team if you have any questions.

  • Can I transfer my website to Blacknight?

    Yes! You can upload your websites files and database to your new hosting plan with Blacknight or, if you don’t have the time we’ll do it for you. Talk to our migration team today about moving your website.

  • Do I need to host my website with Blacknight to use your domain registration services?

    No. We are more than happy to offer domain registration services only.

    Blacknight is a full-service domain registrar and hosting company, and for optimum convenience we recommend you use us as a one-stop shop! However, it is not necessary to have your domain registration and hosting with the same company.

  • What are generic Top Level Domains?

    The term ‘generic Top-Level Domains’ (gTLDs) describes long-established domains such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, and .BIZ, as well as hundreds of ‘new gTLDs’ which have appeared in recent years, such as .BLOG, .IRISH, .DESIGN or .ROCKS.


    These types of domains are called ‘generic’ to distinguish them from ‘country-code TLDs’ (ccTLDs) such as .IE or .FR.

  • Why should I choose one of the new generic Top-Level Domains?

    The main benefit to choosing a new gTLD (generic Top-Level Domain) such as .BLOG, is availability. The older long-established domains like .COM have millions of registered domain names, and it can be difficult to find a memorable, meaningful name which has not already been registered by someone else. The new gTLDs have opened up hundreds of new namespaces, with new opportunities for great domain names.

    The second benefit of new gTLDs is that many of the new domain extensions are valuable keywords in their own right, and not merely a redundant suffix. A new gTLD is a more efficient. Compare BlueSuedeShoes.com with BlueSuede.shoes.

  • Does Google recognise new generic Top-Level Domains?

    Yes, Google and other search engines rank new gTLDs the same way as the ‘old’ gTLDs.

  • How do I pick the right generic domain extension?

    The general rule is to make sure it’s relevant to the business, service or information you’re providing. So if you’re selling shoes, something like yourcompany.shoes  would be a good start.

  • Should I switch my company’s website to one of the new generic Top-Level Domains?

    The question of whether to migrate an established website to a new domain is one that requires careful consideration and planning. If your website is established and you’ve put a lot of effort in promoting your current domain name then we would not advise you to suddenly switch your website to a new domain, irrespective of the TLD. You could start by simply redirecting the new TLD to your current domain name and move to the new TLD once a proper migration plan is in place.

    Alternatively, you might choose to use a new gTLD to highlight a different aspect of your business, for example: Blacknight.blog; Blacknight.careers.

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