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The Hub of Instant Discovery

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Let your online address enhance your credibility and authority.

A link likely brought you here - a small wonder so easily taken for granted. Think about the freedom that comes with knowing that you can always find what you need, in only a matter of minutes. Information has never been this accessible. The world truly is right at our fingertips and we have links to thank for that.

The Internet is taking on a pivotal role in the evolution of communication - dimming the barriers of reality and making it possible to connect with people around the world. We cannot even fathom the amount of innovation and invention yet to come in this industry.

.Link will become the Internet's most reputable resource center of sites, directories, and authorities that provide users with fast and relevant access to the content or connections they are seeking.

Ending your web address with the clear and simple ".link" will make your website more memorable and easy to find. Further, it will identify your site as a reliable source for information and resources for your visitors.

As the Internet becomes increasingly saturated with information and websites, even with the growth of niche top-level domains, there will always be a need for broad, all encompassing namespaces like .link to serve as a common ground. People will know that, at the center of it all, they will always find what they're looking for at .link.

Why does the world need the .Link TLD?

The .com space is exhausted of meaningful names. Perform a quick attempt to find a domain for a new venture, and you will immediately see how Internet naming, as it stands today, is limiting the creation of new brands. We are forced to a) restrict our brand name based on the remaining available .com names, b) seek out a name in the unpredictable secondary market, or c) settle for a mediocre domain name that threatens our visibility and credibility on the Internet.

As an increasingly tech-savvy population continues to find new ways to connect and do business online, good names will only get more and more difficult come by. New, specialised gTLDs, like .Link, are the answer. They will introduce a whole new realm of highly relevant and intuitive naming alternatives for registrants to tap into.

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