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Register .NINJA Domain Names

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Why .NINJA? Simply put, it’s the coolest domain out there. If you excel at something, if the Force is strong with you, whether for fun or for business, you need a .NINJA domain to showcase your boss level prowess.

The new .NINJA domain name, above all, appeals to experts, those who’ve honed their business weaponry over years, perfecting their art of war as top players in their field. They want people to know that, not only have they got game, but they’re also cool with it.

Ninja is a state of mind. To have a .NINJA domain is to tell the world that you consider yourself to be set-apart from the crowd. One of a band of brothers – or sisters – who strive for excellence, be it among a cadre of online gamers or motivational gurus, bicycle maintenance specialists or sandwich-makers.

And, hey, .NINJA is fun. It implies energy, charm, enthusiasm, and perfectionism in your work or in your play. It’s a way to flaunt your expertise without too much swagger.

Examples of .NINJA Websites:

A .NINJA domain is honed for:

  • Individuals with ‘a certain set of skills’ or who compete in a specialised arena like ‘marketing ninjas’
  • Tech software and hardware developers and specialists
  • Gamers
  • Artisan craftspeople or skilled repair specialists

Once you have your own .NINJA domain name you’ll be able to add custom email addresses or build an online presence. Choose from a wide range of websiteemail and sitebuilder plans.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are generic Top Level Domains?

    The term ‘generic Top-Level Domains’ (gTLDs) describes long-established domains such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, and .BIZ, as well as hundreds of ‘new gTLDs’ which have appeared in recent years, such as .BLOG, .IRISH, .DESIGN or .ROCKS.


    These types of domains are called ‘generic’ to distinguish them from ‘country-code TLDs’ (ccTLDs) such as .IE or .FR.

  • Why should I choose one of the new generic Top-Level Domains?

    The main benefit to choosing a new gTLD (generic Top-Level Domain) such as .BLOG, is availability. The older long-established domains like .COM have millions of registered domain names, and it can be difficult to find a memorable, meaningful name which has not already been registered by someone else. The new gTLDs have opened up hundreds of new namespaces, with new opportunities for great domain names.

    The second benefit of new gTLDs is that many of the new domain extensions are valuable keywords in their own right, and not merely a redundant suffix. A new gTLD is a more efficient. Compare with

  • Does Google recognise new generic Top-Level Domains?

    Yes, Google and other search engines rank new gTLDs the same way as the ‘old’ gTLDs.

  • How do I pick the right generic domain extension?

    The general rule is to make sure it’s relevant to the business, service or information you’re providing. So if you’re selling shoes, something like  would be a good start.

  • Should I switch my company’s website to one of the new generic Top-Level Domains?

    The question of whether to migrate an established website to a new domain is one that requires careful consideration and planning. If your website is established and you’ve put a lot of effort in promoting your current domain name then we would not advise you to suddenly switch your website to a new domain, irrespective of the TLD. You could start by simply redirecting the new TLD to your current domain name and move to the new TLD once a proper migration plan is in place.

    Alternatively, you might choose to use a new gTLD to highlight a different aspect of your business, for example:;

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