The Worldwide .Organic Movement is Here

The .ORGANIC Movement is Here!

Examples & Uses of a .organic


The worldwide organic movement is growing rapidly as people seek healthier lifestyles. Until now, however, it has been difficult to find genuine organic products and services on the Internet because .com and other Web addresses are not screened for authenticity. With the launch of .ORGANIC site can be sure that the site owners comply with .ORGANIC eligibility requirements.

The .ORGANIC namespace will provide qualified registrants a protected space in which to promote their organic offerings.

.ORGANIC is the Internet address that will get the best results for businesses, organizations and professionals engaged in the production, distribution, certification, or promotion of certified organic products and services.

.ORGANIC will be a trusted and credible space because:

  • Registration is limited to those who meet eligibility requirements as laid out in Section 4 of the ORGANIC Registration Policy
  • Every registrant must certify that their use of the name complies with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations
  • Every registrant must agree and adhere to a stringent Acceptable Use Policy
  • All registrants are subject to the Public Interest Commitment Dispute Resolution Policy (PICDRP), which provides remedies for any misuse.

The .ORGANIC domain is restricted to individuals, businesses or organizations that are certified organic by an Approved Standards Body or otherwise are eligible under the .ORGANIC Registration Policy. Verification information will be required prior to the domain functioning on the Internet.

Eligible Registrant Classes include:

  • Food, Drink or Co-Packers
  • Farmers
  • Retailers or Distributors
  • Restaurants
  • Personal Care Products
  • Textile Products
  • Certifiers
  • Non profit, Not for Profit, or Trade Associations
  • Friends of .ORGANIC

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