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From journalists, news corporations, publishers, media professionals and bloggers, .Press gives individuals and organisations a meaningful platform to share opinions, disseminate information and influence their audience; giving opinion makers and information sharers the perfect way to establish their credibility and grow their online reach and relevance!

With .Press, individuals can assert their authority and grow their personal brands by sharing knowledge or publishing their opinions on a variety of topics. Organisations, as well, can use the .Press extension to either establish direct, meaningful contact with their customers or as a bulletin board to publish public information and PR material. The only limits to how .Press can be used are imagination and thought.

Why .Press

  • is: a meaningful platform
  • for: journalists, bloggers, media professionals, new corporations & publishers
  • to: share opinions, disseminate information & influence their audience
  • by: adding brand value, credibility & relevance to their online presence


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