www. .rest

Examples & Uses of a .rest

  • chef.rest
  • hotel.rest
  • cuisine.rest
  • event.rest

Restaurants are a huge entity in the services sector and the .REST domain name offers businesses the opportunity to develop and promote their brand online.

The specialised .REST domain name

Why opt for a .rest?

  • Easy to: type, spell, remember, pronounce & recognise
  • Market size of 20 million restaurants & bars worldwide
  • Recognised by billions of people across the world
  • Targets 20+ languages and 50+ countries
  • For restaurants, as well as guides, critics, bloggers, chefs, delivery services & related entities worldwide
  • An abbreviation recognised by billions - just like the most familiar TLDs in the world

Facts & Figures

  • 19.5 million restaurants & bars worldwide
  • 6 out of 10 people regularly use the internet to research bars and restaurants
  • Over 70% of existing restaurants plan to use the internet to attract more customers, meaning even more domain names will be needed

Search Statistics

  • More than 12 million searches are performed monthly for the terms "bar" and "rest"
  • More than 140,000 active domain names exist containing the term "rest"

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