Mark your location on the internet with a .site address

Mark Your Location Online

The perfect way to mark your location on the internet with a short, savvy and sharp site address.

Mark Your Location Online with .siteWhether you are a business owner, an individual or a large company - your site is the most important destination where your customers & partners can find everything about you.

With over 270 million domain names already registered, the exact name you want may already be taken.

Why compromise? The launch of .site gives you access to a fresh pool of available names that may not be available elsewhere. Get the name you've always dreamt of!

You can do a lot with your .site address:

  • Use it for your Personal Site
  • Launch a your latest venture on a .site
  • Get a shorter URL. Get instead of
  • Use your .site for your marketing campaigns
  • Use it as a URL shortener: Get instead of

Don't miss this opportunity to find the perfect name for your site in .site

Why .site?

  • Simple, easy to remember
  • A pure generic suitable for ALL your customers
  • A short, common term customers use as a filler to register domains
  • Short 4 character domain extension
  • No compromises on first choice names - Availability of great names, unavailable in traditional TLDs
  • Perfect for an official site
  • Protect your brand name in a highly sought after domain extension

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