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Nothing says we've got video / media rich content quite like the .tv domain extension. Why wouldn't it? Over the last few years we've truly grown up to what the internet can offer but long before that there was the TV and Video. Now you can offer your clients an instantly recognisable service.

Dot TV was made for websites with video

So why not compliment your existing site with a .TV site? Host training videos, how tos, promotional videos and more on your media rich site.

The .tv domain name provides:

  • An instant association with video and rich media content.
  • A greater chance of securing the domain name of your choice.
  • A memorable web address.
  • A quick access complement to your main business site.

So what are you waiting for register a .tv today.

How are we using We currently have it setup to redirect to our youtube channel where you can find video tutorials, how-tos and walkthroughs.


Be In Control

Create your own channel online, where you decide how people will experience your content. With a .Tv, you sit in the director's chair.

Be Distinct

Be Confident

Since .Tv is powered by Verisign, you can trust that your domain is backed by the same proven and industry-leading expertise that has kept .com and .net running with 100 percent reliability for more than 15 years.



www. .tv

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