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Are you ready to make your mark?

Confident. Entrepreneurial. Distinctive.

.UK is the UK’s newest and most versatile domain. Ideal for individuals, start-ups, or local businesses, claiming a .uk domain is the perfect way to stand out and make your mark on the online world.

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For businesses and individuals. Starting your digital journey or taking your business to the next level. Get on board with your own .UK.

Is .UK right for me?

Are you looking for something modern, distinctive and versatile to represent your online brand?

Our newest domain offers a lightweight and hyper-local solution for individuals and UK businesses looking to make their mark online.

The beauty of .UK as a domain is that, unlike our more established domains, .UK is still being defined by the people who harness it and use it going forward.

Benefits of a .UK domain

Here are some reasons why .UK could be the right choice for your online home:

  • The .UK domain is the UK’s new, officially recognised domain
  • Modern and snappy, .UK is the shortest of our UK domains
  • A .UK domain puts your local identity front and centre, and is recognisable world-wide.
  • 4 in 5 people in the UK have a preference for websites ending in .UK
  • With no established history or associations, .UK is our most versatile domain
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