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.Wiki domains have been secured by the world's biggest and best brands who recognise the importance of a wiki site in engaging new and existing customers and employees. These information-bearing sites are hugely popular and highly trafficked by internet users worldwide wishing to educate themselves on various topics, making them an excellent tool for attracting more customers to your business and more visitors to your website.

A .wiki site can work for you in a number of ways:

  1. Information Centre: It's an ideal tool for brands wishing to store company information in a place that is easy for employees to locate and remember.
  2. Consumer Engagement: It's also great for those brands wanting to engage with their customers while educating them on new and existing products. In this information-hungry world, a publicly facing wiki site is one of the best and most organic ways of engaging customers, old and new.
  3. Increased Control: A .wiki domain provides the perfect solution for individuals looking to gain more control over their public wiki profiles, than previous wiki solutions have been able to offer.
  4. Efficient Group Work: Academic groups and technical developers can use a .wiki to efficiently and effectively work on group projects with global peers.
  5. Awareness Raising: Enthusiasts, experts, fan clubs, communities and anyone else with something to share, teach or store can use a .wiki to raise global awareness of their passion and interests.

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