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Digital Security Certificates (SSL)

Digital Security Certificates (SSL)

Build trust & confidence - Guarantee your online identity

Trust is essential in today's world wide web – even for non-ecommerce sites. Google and many others now recommend that all websites should have a security certificate, and they give priority to those sites that do.

Choose the right SSL Cert

* excludes VAT

Secure One Website

Eg: www.domain.tld or yourdomain.tld

Secure Many Websites

Eg: domain.tld, yourdomain.tld and anotherdomain.tld

Secure all sub-domains

Eg: *.domain.tld or *.shop.domain.tld

Compare SSLs

  • SSL Certificates

    Description Positive SSL Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Single Domain EV Multi Domain EV
    Validation Type Domain Domain Domain Extended Extended
    # of Hosts Covered 2 ? 3 Multiple ? 2 3
    2048 bit Root Cert
    256 bit Encryption
    Green Address Bar
    BUY SSL from €29.99 a year BUY SSL from €149.99 a year BUY SSL €199.99 a year BUY SSL from €349.99 a year BUY SSL from €699.99 a year

  • SSL Information

    For the purposes of an SSL certificate:, and would be considered separate domains and would require a multi-domain SSL cert. They would only be covered by a single domain SSL cert if they were subfolders of eg., and Multi-domain SSL certs are priced at €149.99, covering three domains. You can add extra domains for €49.99 each.

    All our certificates support both SSL & TLS protocols.

    All prices are ex. VAT.

Example of an SSL Certificate

Example of an SSL Certificate

Example of an EV Certificate

Example of an EV Certificate

Benefits of SSL



Protect both you and your customers' sensitive information with SSL encryption.



Improve your customers' trust and ensure authentication with an SSL Certificate.



Google's Search Engine use SSL Certificates as a positive ranking signal.

Why use SSL Certificates?

Traditionally, users looked for secure web communications with banks and e-commerce sites, when entering credit card details or personal information. However, several initiatives led by industry and advocacy groups have encouraged the use of ‘HTTPS everywhere’ in recent years.

As the web has become more social, almost all web communication now involves the use of ‘personally identifiable information’ (PII) in some way – even when we’re not actually sharing financial information.

Any piece of compromised information, however small, can be used in ‘social engineering’ attacks to contribute to impersonation or fraud.

As a result, HTTPS is fast becoming the norm for all web communication, and digital certificates are now an essential requirement. Websites without SSL are increasingly at a disadvantage. Google already ranks such sites lower in search results, and they will soon begin flagging them in red, meaning ‘not secure’, in the Chrome web browser.

What are Digital Certificates & SSL?

The term ‘SSL‘ refers to two encryption protocols (SSL and TLS) used to secure communications on the world wide web. Web addresses specifying secure communication are easily identified as they begin with ‘https‘ (Secure HTTP), rather than the unencrypted ‘http‘. When a secure connection is established with a website, it is indicated by a green status indicator (or a lock symbol) in the web browser’s address bar.

A digital security certificate (or ‘SSL certificate‘) is used to verify the identity of a website, and is a requirement for establishing secure communication over HTTPS.

Benefits of SSL

  • Futureproof your business
  • Protect sensitive Information
  • Improve customer trust and increase loyalty
  • Attract new customers and grow online sales

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