Our customers love us!

What our clients say

Our most important relationships are with our customers. Here’s what they say about us.

We Trade on Our Creativity

Cartoon Saloon has been nominated for three Academy Awards® and a Golden Globe®. We trade on our creativity at an international level, so fast internet connectivity lets us work with the best in the world from our base in Kilkenny. Blacknight’s high-speed network is our communications gateway, and we trust in their responsive service and support.

I Never Have to Worry About It

Blacknight migrated our entire email system to Office 365 and we’ve never looked back. Our mail is in ‘the cloud’, they said. All I know is that it’s available always, on mobile and desktop, and I never have to worry about it.

Fantastic Support

Just wanted to thank you and your company for the fantastic support received yet again from your technical team. I can safely and categorically say that without them and their advice over the last 4 years, my business would not be where it is today

Blacknight Meets the Challenge Every Time

Blacknight has been our co-location partner for the past decade. Our business in the aviation industry is mission-critical, and always evolving as the demands and expectations of our industry increase. Blacknight meets the challenge every time and delivers the infrastructure we need.

Relationship and Support

At Deise Design we've been designing web sites since 1999. We value our clients. In Blacknight we've found a hosting company with the same ethos. We could buy web space anywhere; what we couldn't buy is the relationship and the support Blacknight provides us with.

A Robust and Secure Hosting Platform

We turned to Blacknight when we wanted a robust and secure hosting platform for our growing Employee Self Service (ESS). They designed and implemented a custom private cloud solution, and they managed and supported our transition to the new environment. Blacknight is an essential part of our success.

I Can Pick Up the Phone - That Gives Me Peace of Mind

I’ve used Blacknight web hosting for more than 10 years for my clients’ websites. They're reliable and they're great value, but the real worth is in their customer service and support. I know there’s a great team down the road in Carlow. I can pick up the phone if I need to, and that gives me peace of mind.