Third Party Processors

Third Party Processors

Third Party Processors

Registry Processors – Blacknight are integrated with a number of registry and back-end providers who sub-process registrant details and in some cases personally identifiable data (PII ) such as photo ID, club membership, proof of residence/nationality, for both ccTLD and  gTLD registries. Blacknight have direct agreements (Registry-Registrar Agreements) with a number of gTLD’s and reseller agreements with various registries who provide multiple gTLDs. If you wish to query sub processing by a specific registry please email for more information.

ccTLDs registries are in the main operated by the country responsible and thus data could be transferred outside the EEA in order to process a ccTLD domain registration.

Service Specific Processors – Blacknight partner with software providers to provide some of the services we offer. In order to maintain and troubleshoot platform issues these sub-processors may have restricted access to service data. Their use is limited to the platforms provided. We have contracts in place to ensure the confidentiality of your data with each of these subprocessors. Dependent on the service, the platform provider may require you to accept their terms and conditions as part of the subscription. In such cases we have provided the link to those terms.  This list will be updated as we add /remove sub-processors – last updated June 2022

Glossary of Terms

API – Application Programming Interface (code used to integrate the Odin platform with external services) PII – Personally Identifiable Information (information which can be used to identify an individual)

Vendor Processing Activity Data Processed Privacy Policy
Acronis (Switzerland) Cloud based backup Customer backup data is stored in EU based cloud servers hosted by Acronis – collects name/address /email/phone/ View Policy
Basekit (UK) Sitebuilder platform A token ID is generated via the API and no PII is sent to Basekit – Basekit use AWS servers in EEA region View Policy
Comodo (USA) Secure certificate authority Our API sends Comodo : email /subID / address /email address so they can deliver the cert to the end user View Policy
Denic (EU) Escrow provider for registrant details (required for ICANN compliance sent to DeNic as required for Escrow / DR purposes Registrant details in encrypted form are sent to DeNic as required for Escrow / DR purposes View Policy
Docusign (USA) Cloud based signing service View Policy
DropSuite (Singapore) Online backup platform Email account associated with a generated UserID from the API View Policy
ECWID (USA) Cloud based e-commerce platform We partner wth ECWID (data controller) and register your details with them on your behalf. This could include name /address / email address / location data / an account ID View Policy
FraudLabs (IRE / US) Merchant fraud service which assesses possibility of fraudulent attempts at e-commerce signups, purchases. identifiers, such as Browser Information, Device Information, and Security Information;
commercial information, such as Account Information, Contact Information, Transaction Information, and Usage Information;
internet or network information, such as Browser Information and Device Information;
geolocation data, such as Browser Information and Device Information;
financial information, such as Payment Information;
other Personal Information, such as Support Information; and
information derived from other categories, which could include your preferences, interests, and other information used to personalize your experience.
View Policy
Google Analytics / adwords Google Advertising and analytics View Policy
Hubspot Marketing Automation Tool (Cloud Based) Email address / name / IP address / products purchased / Geolocation View Policy
Mailchimp USA Email marketing tool (Cloud Based) Email address / name IP address View Policy
Maxmind (USA) minFraud is a data return service that helps businesses prevent online fraud by providing risk scoring and risk data related to online transactions Geolocation, IP address, Name Address, email address View Policy
Microsoft (USA) * Office 365 Name/address/phone/email of the admin account and billing account on View Policy
View Terms
New Relic (US) Application Performance Monitoring we use for detecting anomolies and enhancing the performance, health and security of our new customer platform. The API sends performance data on the WHMCS platform: no PII data is transmitted. Data is stored on Amazon EU servers View Policy
Odin IngramMicro GmBH (Switzerland) Billing and shared hosting platform (includes domain registration, provisioning of services) User name, email, address, account ID, subscription ID, credit card, bank (SEPA) details, authentication details. All data is encrypted. Note : Support services from Odin are provided from Russia / Malaysia / Europe /Japan depending on the time of day (Follow the Sun support) View Policy
OnApp (UK) Cloud control panel platform User name, email address, account ID, subscription ID. Note: Support services from OnApp are provided from UK /USA depending on the time of day (Follow the Sun support) View Policy
OpenExchange Servers are hosted within Blacknight data centres and access is provided to OpenExchange for support purposes only View Policy
Payment Provider subprocessors – Blacknight partner with payment provider processors for the purpose of completing transactions made via direct debit, credit card, paypal, visa debit etc. In order to validate payment and to protect against fraud, we forward the details you provide us with, to these payment subprocessors.
Paypal (Netherlands) Payment provider Name / order info / email /billing address View Policy
Realex (Ireland)
[subsid. of Globalpayments Inc (USA)]
Payment processing gateway Credit card number (redacted) /cardholder name / bank / account ID /payment num. / transaction ID /auth code / payment_method_type View Policy
Ranking Coach (Germany) Search engine optimization software View Policy
Salesforce (USA) – eTrust Cloud based CRM tool to manage customer relationships Salesforce is a CLOUD BASED CRM tool and we control what data is stored there -salesforce do not access the data unless authorised by Blacknight in addressing service /technical issues View Policy
Skenzo (Virgin Islands) is a subsid. Of Directi Domain Name parking /advertising Browser /cookie information non-PII related to advertising associated with a domain name View Policy
Teamviewer (Netherlands) Remote support access IP_address,date/time,browser type,OS, geolocation View Policy
Titan (UAE) * Email and webmail service attached to shared hosting and Titan paid upgrades or mail only plans User name , account ID, login details ; email data content – Blacknight resell the Titan email service which is bundled with shared hosting : Data is stored on Amazon EU servers View Policy
View Terms
TrustPilot (USA) Brand and service reviews email address View Policy
Zendesk (Ireland) Cloud based ticketing system we use for support tickets Email address, name, a/c ID, ticketID (any other information a customer submits voluntarily ) in the course of submitting a ticket. We have trained our staff to redact any PII or sensitive information such as credit card details should it be volunteered. View Policy
Zendesk (Ireland) Live chat portal Email address for sending copy of the transcript View Policy

* End user is subject to terms and conditions of the provider