Events we sponsor


Here at blacknight we like to give back to the community and as such we end up sponsoring a number of events every year. Here are the most recent ones.
WordCamp UK
Bloggers International
Refresh Dublin
WordUp Edinburgh 2011
The Dot Conf
eCrime Researchers Sync-Up
Barcamp Cork
IRISS Conference
24 The Web

Here are some of the events we have sponsored in the past:

Blogger Twitter Whatever Meetups
Biz Camp South East
WordCamp UK
WordCamp Ireland
ICANN Sydney
Earth Race
Karma Enduro
Domain Fest 2008
Barcamp Cork
Firefox Launch Party
IWF Meetup
IIA Congress 2008
.net Magazine Awards 2007
Barcamp Dublin
BarCamp Galway
IIA Congress 2007

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