How to Transfer .IE Domains

How to Transfer .IE Domains

Move your .IE domain name to blacknight in 3 easy steps

Register .ie domain names with Blacknight


Transferring a .IE domain name to Blacknight is simple!

How to Transfer .IE Domains to Blacknight

Get EPP code.

This is an authorisation (Auth-Info) code. In order to get this, you will need to be the main admin contact for the .IE domain. The domain needs to be active and not expired. Once generated, EPP codes are valid for a specified time frame, usually 14 days.

You can usually find the code in the control panel on the domain registrar’s website. Blacknight cannot get this for you if you are transferring from a different registrar to our system.

If you can’t get the code from your existing registrar (for example, GoDaddy, LetsHost etc), you must email the .IE domain registry (formerly known as the IEDR) at from your admin email address and request the code. If you send it from a different address (for example, one that doesn’t have the admin permissions), then the .IE domain registry will direct you back to your existing registrar.

Register EPP code.
  1. Type the .IE domain you wish to transfer into our domain search box above and hit search. If the domain is registered, a message will appear stating ‘The domain "" is registered’.
  2. Click the ‘Transfer’ button and enter the EPP code into the box. EPP codes are case-sensitive so it's best to copy and paste to avoid typos.
  3. Click the ‘Submit Code’ button and then ‘View Cart’. The domain will be in your cart, and you can continue with the transfer and purchase the domain as you would if it was available.

Alternatively, login to your Blacknight account, click 'Domains' then 'Transfer Domains to Us'.

Wait for the domain transfer to complete.

This process can take up to 48 hours to complete. Your domain will move to Blacknight and you can use our services. For help, email Blacknight customer support or visit our support page for other ways to get in touch.


  • 1. Enter the .IE domain name you would like to transfer to Blacknight
    1. Enter the .IE domain name you would like to transfer to Blacknight
  • 2. The domain should be registered already, click the transfer button on the right
    2. The domain should be registered already, click the transfer button on the right
  • 3. Paste in the corresponding EEP code and click 'Submit'
    3. Paste in the corresponding EEP code and click 'Submit'
  • 4. Click 'View Cart' to continue
    4. Click 'View Cart' to continue
  • 5. Click 'Set Options' to login/sign up and assign the domain to a contact on your Blacknight account
    5. Click 'Set Options' to login/sign up and assign the domain to a contact on your Blacknight account
  • 6. Now, the domain should be ready
    6. Now, the domain should be ready
  • 7. Accept our terms and conditions of service and complete the checkout process with your preferred payment method
    7. Accept our terms and conditions of service and complete the checkout process with your preferred payment method

Keep In Mind

  • The domain transfer is a billing transfer only. It does not move website files, email accounts, or automatically update the DNS.
  • The transfer is a paid service, and it renews the domain for 1 year. If the domain is to expire tomorrow and you transfer the domain today, the expiry date is now tomorrow’s date plus 1 year. You will then be renewing the domain with us, and not your previous registrar.
  • The transfer of a .IE domain can take some time to fully complete. While we make every effort to facilitate your transfer, Blacknight cannot be held responsible for delays in transfers due to errors made by third parties. Typically, .IE domains will transfer within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I transfer a .IE domain?

    To transfer a .IE domain, you need an Authcode from your current registrar. It’s pretty easy to get and should be in your domain management dashboard. If you are having issues getting the Authcode from your current registrar for your .ie transfer you can request a new one from  The new Authcode will be sent directly to the email address assigned to the Admin Contact on the domain name. Please note that the IEDR will not give out Authcodes by telephone.

  • How do I transfer .com / .net / .org / .info / .biz / .mobi / .tv domains to Blacknight?

    Transferring a domain is a very easy process. We recommend planning ahead to ensure that you initiate the transfer as far in advance as possible from your domain renewal date.

    You will first need to ensure that your domain’s listed details are correct, in particular the email address. You must have access to the domain’s admin contact email address to complete the transfer.

    • Contact your current provider. If you do not have access to the email address associated with the domain you wish to transfer, you will need to update this.
    • You will then need to request that your provider unlock the domain for transfer and provide you with an “authorisation key” or “EPP code”.
    • Complete your order through the transfer box above.
    • Please ensure that you check the email address for the domain daily (including your Junk Mail folder). Blacknight’s registrar will send an email to this address to verify the transfer request; you must respond to this.
    • If you have any queries or concerns regarding the progress of your transfer, please do not hesitate to contact Blacknight’s

    Important note: Domains cannot be transferred between registrars until the domain is 60 days old.

    Transfer a gTLD domain name (e.g. .COM, .NET, .ORG etc) to Blacknight

  • How do I transfer .uk / / / domains?

    To transfer a .uk / / / domain, do the following:

    • Contact your current registrar, request that they change the current Registrant’s Agent Tag (IPS Tag) to ours: BLACKNIGHT-IE. Generally, this will go through without any issue, however, if it does not, due to inactivity or unwillingness on behalf of your current hosting provider, you can request that Nominet initiate the change for you.
    • Once you have changed the tag, complete your transfer by placing the order with Blacknight above.
    • .UK Transfers are free of charge.
    • Once the tag has been changed to us and the order is processed, you can update your nameservers via your Control Panel.
    • WHOIS details must be checked. To make changes to the registrant details please contact

    Note: If you have also purchased a hosting package and are transferring your existing website, please refer to our notes on domain migration

    Transfer a .CO.UK, .ME.UK, .ORG.UK, or .UK domain name to Blacknight

  • Transferring .EU domains

    Enter your .EU domain name above to initiate the transfer process. 

    Please note: If you are making significant changes to the domain holder contact details EURid will consider this to be a “trade”. 

    EU domain transfers DO NOT add a year to the registration period. The registration period of one year is reset when the transfer completes. 

    You will need an EPP code to do a .EU transfer. 

    Transfer a .EU domain name to Blacknight

  • Do I lose time left on my registration if I transfer to you?

    No, in most cases, when you transfer, you get another year added to your current registration term. Some extensions, like .EU do not add a year and your domain will expire when it was originally scheduled to. 

  • How will I know that transfer has completed?

    Blacknight will notify you via the registrar contact email when the transfer is completed. You will also usually receive an email from your old registrar that a domain has been transferred out. 

  • Will I need to make changes to the domain nameservers or DNS records post transfer?

    Yes, you will need to make sure you update your nameserver and DNS records after the transfer. You should immediately update your nameservers to Blacknight’s free domain nameserver hosting, and then update your DNS records to ensure continuity of service for your website, email and other services that use the domain. Your previous domain nameserver provider will eventually shut off your nameserver access (how long varies by provider). 

  • Can I transfer a domain that has expired?

    In most cases, you can during the registrar’s domain renewal grace period. If it’s beyond the grace period and the domain has been ‘dropped’ then you cannot transfer it because you no longer own it. 

  • Will my website go down during the transfer?

    No, as your nameservers and DNS records won’t change right away. If you don’t update your DNS records with us, then yes, your website and email could eventually break. It’s important to check your email and make sure you update your nameservers to Blacknight and then change DNS records as soon as the transfer is done. DNS settings will not be ported in the transfer (make note of them all before you start the transfer!). 

  • Can I transfer my domain name to you and keep my website or email with a different provider?

    Yes, of course. Transferring a domain only transfers the billing service for whom you have the domain registered with. You can continue to point your website and email to whichever provider works best for you. 

  • How long will it take for my domain to transfer to Blacknight?

    It depends on the domain extension and the systems of the registrar losing the domain. Some transfers take less than a day, some transfers can take up to a week.  

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