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Save My Email

Legacy IOL, ESAT, and Oceanfree email accounts find a new home at Blacknight

This page provides information about the migration of legacy BT email accounts to Blacknight. This is relevant to you if your email address is one of the following: Ireland Online (, Esat Clear (, IOL Free ( or Oceanfree (

Transferring Legacy Email Accounts from BT Ireland to Blacknight

Originally these email accounts were provided as part of dial-up subscriptions or as free webmail accounts, by BT and by other companies which were acquired by BT. Now that BT is discontinuing the provision of this service, users are being offered the option of having their account terminated, or transferring it to Blacknight. Based in Carlow, Blacknight is the leading Irish provider of domain names, web and email hosting services. Users who opt to transfer their BT email accounts to Blacknight will receive the following:

  • Upgraded 100MB mailbox storage. (BT legacy accounts have 50MB, and webmail is limited to 10MB)
  • IMAP and POP3 access, and a modern Webmail

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